Yoga (explained by dogs) – Peppermint and Patty.

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You know what’s awesome about dogs?

Dogs have astounding personalities. They are way smarter then we give them credit for. They are always in the mood for hugs.

And of course, the best part-

They are perpetually grateful.

For. Every. Little. Thing.

And that’s a big part of what yoga is trying to teach us – to be grateful for our bodies and minds and breaths and practices and lives.

Here’s a list of things to be grateful for!

1. Be grateful for hugs.


2. Be grateful for food.

Even when the cat is eating it.

3. Be grateful for naps in the sun.


4. Be grateful for people who let you stick your face into theirs.


5. Be grateful for those who are happy to see you whenever you get home.


6. Be grateful for soft couches.


7. And snuggles.


8. And your family, even if you fight sometimes.

He started it.

9. Be grateful for the opportunity to laugh at yourself.

I'm a table.

10. Be grateful about life. Because it’s awesome. And so are you.


11. Be grateful for people who can help you get your favorite toys out of a rough spot.



12. Be grateful for good hiding spots.


13. Be grateful for people who cook for you.


14. And play with you.


15. And even let you use them as a pillow.



16. Be grateful for people who accompany you to parties you didn’t really want to go to.



17. Be grateful for your beautiful face.



18. And those who comfort you when you’re feeling sad.



20. And at the end of the day, be grateful for a soft, warm bed.

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