The Possibility in Uncertainty – Meera Menon

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In about three weeks (actually more like twenty days, but hey who’s counting), I will be en route to Austin, Texas, where I will begin my Level Two training. For those of you not privy to the Baron lingo, Level Two is the second part of the training for Baptiste Yoga—the notoriously hard part. As much as I feel I should be excited (one whole week of immersing myself in all things yoga!!), I’m not going to lie, I’m scared.

I’m scared to spend a whole week practicing yoga in the dry Texas heat. I’m scared to stand up and teach to a room full of super experienced yogis who could analyze every last thing I do or say. And I’m terrified about not knowing what to expect.

Actually, being scared of the unknown is something I’ve been doing a lot of recently. Just as any recent college graduate will attest, these past couple months after college graduation have been filled with fear, doubt, and anxiety for the future.

However, fear of uncertainty is not just limited to us post-grads wincing at the thought of failure.

Think about your daily routines. How many times do you drive the same way to work, order the same drink at the coffee-shop, do the same things, just because you know what to expect? There’s a tiny part of you that is clinging to certainty that is afraid of the wide world of options. 

What I’m starting to realize is that this uncertainty that surrounds us may in fact be the greatest thing available to us.

Just think of that one time you decided to turn right at the stop instead of left, you ordered that chai instead of your latte, or when you watched that show your friend keeps pestering you about. All of a sudden you realized exactly what you had been missing. Though you could end up with something terrible (I’m talking to you, bacon flavored whiskey) you could also very well end up with something amazing. You just don’t know.

This is the beauty of uncertainty; it means possibility.

So yes, yogis, I will admit I am still scared about Level Two, but I’m also really excited.  I’m excited to experience something new; I’m excited for the opportunity to practice with and lead my fellow teachers; I’m excited for the possibility of what will open up.

And I’m excited to share it with you all at Blackbird.

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