Dear Human

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I get it.  You feel old, tired and out of shape.  The thought of stepping into a place with what you have already decided will be full of athletic, vibrant bodies freaks you out.  So you sit and wait for tomorrow.

GET OFF THE GOD DAMN COUCH.  Yes, I am yelling at you.  The time is now people now.  You have the power to do anything you want – anything.  Stop being scared of your ego and the fact you think you are not good enough.  You are!  You have a heart beat, you can breathe; your bones support you.  USE THEM before you lose them.  The studio is not scary.  We are not packing people into corners and filling up so we cant see you.  YOU are the reason we are here and we will be there to support you all the way on your journey.

I guarantee you that you can succeed and I am so positive I will give new students three free classes with me to prove you can do it.  Just get into your body and start to acknowledge how incredible it is.  Pilates, BB Barre, or  Yoga you pick; do them all.  Just give yourself this year to realize how much you have been stopping yourself and then GO – GO BIG and then GO BIGGER.  The instructors at Blackbird are here to support you and empower you to greatness.  We can’t wait to see you shine.  The time is now people now – don’t wait for tomorrow.

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