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As many of you know, I am crazy about Blackbird Barre, because I love to workout and feel great when I do. I admit – I am a bit of an endorphin junkie, but it’s actually a spiritual practice for me to sweat and feel my muscles work.  I’m just happier when I exercise on a regular basis and when I’m happy, my vibe is high!

When I landed in Barre class at Blackbird, for the first few times I was humbled, but hooked. I’ve been in the fitness and yoga world for over ten years and I’ve never come across a technique that is so effective and efficient. Barre allows us to embody the power and beauty of a woman’s body simultaneously by adapting the femininity of ballet into a hardcore workout. During Barre, students work key muscles to the point of fatigue, even overload at times, with micro-moves that work deep into the body of the tissue, then stretch out for relief and to encourage length.  Translation- you build muscle, but don’t bulk up.

And get this, as far as calorie burning goes Barre is a star.  According to the co-creator/owner of Physique 57, a typical Barre workout burns 650 calories.  Compare that with Pilates at around 390, spinning at 300, running 1 mile at 100, and swimming a mile at 400.  I love other forms of fitness and teach Pilates, but these numbers really got my attention.

Even with all these facts and figures, the recent explosion of the technique into the fitness world makes it easy to think of Barre as yet just another fad. However, the technique has been around for quite a while and has been a secret fitness recipe for success for many dancers and celebrities for decades.

The technique was developed by professional ballerina Lotte Berk in the 1950s.  Lotte was a classically trained dancer enjoying a successful career in London when a car accident left her with severe spinal injuries.  Determined to heal, Lotte worked with several orthopedic specialists for several years to develop a strength building, dance based training system that she later called the Lotte Berk Method. Her method soon gained popularity in the dance and theater world for the fast, effective results in creating a long, lean and strong physique. Reports of results spread quickly by word of mouth and a community of loyal cliental was built. In the NY studio the next generation of teachers was trained including Carrie Rezabeck, founder and owner of Pure Barre with whom instructor Jamie Silverstein and instructor/ teacher-trainer Jenna Velella trained.  Jenna created a stellar teacher-training program for us at Blackbird that keeps the integrity of the original technique intact – and that means maximum results for our clients!

At Blackbird we are committed to providing you with a safe and powerful workout to get you maximum results in the shortest time possible.  In every Blackbird Barre class you will work your upper body, thighs, seat, and abdominals to the max. You will stoke your metabolism, burn a ton of calories and have a blast!  Grab a friend and get to the barre!

Love, Dianne

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