Blackbird Studio

Blackbird Studio is a place that has no boundaries.  We have created and continue to create opportunities for both your growth and our own.  We are a community that has endless possibilities. Blackbird Studio is a place where everyone who enters realizes the potential and power they have to create what they desire.  We believe in you, and will encourage you to believe in yourself.

Tory Jenis

Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher
200 hour RYT
500 hour RYT
Power Pilates Authentic Comprehensive Instructor
Certified Exhale Barre Instructor
BB Barre Instructor
World Paddlers Association Level 1 Certified
Paddlefit Level 2 Certified Instructor

Tory has always been interested in exercise and has taught numerous forms of movement since her teenage years ranging from aerobics and weightlifting to downhill skiing. Tory is certified through Power Pilates and is proud of her training. She truly believes that the certification is only the foundation of her knowledge and therefore travels to NY often for educational conferences. Many of the senior teachers at Power Pilates trained in the heart of the Pilates development. Tory is thrilled to bring that knowledge back to Blackbird and share it with the community.


“Truly a passion, a lifestyle and the part of myself I was missing”.  In Tory’s Yoga classes you will be pushed to your edge with passion and compassion.  Baptiste yoga is not a beachblanket yoga – it is physically and mentally challenging but the spiritual, mental and physical benefits you see in your everyday life off your mat will lead you to personal growth in your daily living.  You can completely change yourself inside and out when you set your intention to do so.  You shift and the community does.  It is a phenomenal experience – on and off the mat.

Tory is a registered nurse, Baptiste Certified Yoga Instructor, Power Pilates Certified Instructor, and BB Barre Instructor .  Tory teaches PRIVATES, semi privates and group classes.

Tory loves to cook, garden and ski.

Most of all I love to teach others the foundation and core commitment they can make to themselves and others around them. Yoga is not only about the body but is about the mind. You don’t do Yoga you live it.”

Tory’s belief in Yoga comes from following the system and the experience of seeing the system transform not only her body and mind but those of her community.

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